Wednesday, January 22, 2014

No More Matthew Parker?

Hey guys!
Woah, another blog post! It's amazing what procrastination from doing school can do!

Today, I am making a post based off of a suggestion. Which is: "Write about Zach Callison not playing Matthew Parker anymore." And, I shall.

So, as a lot of you probably know, Zach Callison tweeted this:

"Just had dinner with some AIO people.  I am no longer able to voice my character due to my voice change, but I will forever be grateful!"

*attempts not to cry*
This was my reaction: (appropriately in two pictures of Matthew Parker)

First I stared at the screen like:

Wait, is this for real?

And then was like, well, that really stinks. 

Seriously, though, I am quite sad about this. Zach Callison is one of my favorite AIO actors, and Matthew is easily one of my favorite kids post-hiatus. Personally, I don't think his voice changing is THAT bad. I know people keep saying this, but they kept Jimmy on, didn't they? Plus, unless his voice has drastically changed since the last album, I didn't think it was too noticeable. I could tell his voice was getting deeper, yeah, but it didn't distract me from the episode or anything. It was also sorta gradual, unlike Jave Griffin's. Is it really THAT big of a deal? 

I know I just pulled the Jimmy card, and you guys are thinking "That was a while ago." . Well, I present Andy Pessoa, everybody. They kept him on, even though he sounds like a high schooler. (He plays Barrett, in case you didn't know.) 

But, my personal opinions aside, I am quite curious about a few things. 

First off, what are they going to do with the character? Are they going to replace his voice, or *gasp* get rid of Matthew entirely? I really hope it's not the second one. I mean, the Parkers are a big family on AIO. To quote someone from the Campbell County Message Boards: "What are they going to do, pretend Matthew went to boarding school?" Plus, that would mean that Emily would be left on her own, and while I have mixed feelings about her, I know I do NOT want her without her sideki-er, partner. Matthew is quite a big character, and he was even the only kid character who did the AIO live show! I would even go as far to call him the post-hiatus Jimmy, in a way. Not in personality, but because he is a big kid character who's family is also involved in the show. I do NOT want him to leave the show.

However, what will happen if he stays? 

Right now, I'm debating with myself. Would I rather have an entirely new voice for Matthew on the off-chance he sounds like a younger Zach Callison, or take Zach with his now deeper voice? I vote the second. Zach is who makes Matthew such a great character. If there was any other actor, it would not be the same kid. 

I'm very curious as to what the AIO team is going to do. I at least hope that if they do replace him, they choose someone who sounds similar. Often times when an actor's voice changes, they then choose a new, much younger actor who's voice is even more kiddish. And Zach's has never been TOO childlike.I think they will replace him. But I don't think I'm going to like it.

So, would we rather have this new Matthew, without knowing if the voice would be the same, much less if he would be almost a different character, or have no Matthew at all? 

And, that's my time ;) Thanks for reading, and leave suggestions for future posts (and what you thought of this one) in the comments below! It really helps me out!
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Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Sad Day in Odyssey

Hey guys,
I actually had something else planned to post, but I had to post about this.

Dave Madden has passed away.

He was 82.

Needless to say, I, along with so many others, am deeply saddened by this. He played one of my favorite characters on AIO, and he brought Bernard to life like no one else could have. He will be missed.

For more information, click here.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wooton's Whirled History

Hey guys!
Yep, I'm back again!

Now, I'm here to talk about Wooton's Whirled History. In case you didn't know about this, what it is is another history collection in which they have Wooton do a short introduction at the beginning of each episode.

And with these covers, who wouldn't want to pick them up off the shelf?

Beautiful, aren't they? And so well done. *sarcasm alert*

Look, I think Gary Locke is a great artist, I really do. But this is literally just a flipped image of almost the same thing, except the second one has Wooton holding two sticks of licorice instead of one! Oh, and the globe is backwards. What is this, spot the difference?

My point is, if you're trying to get people to try out AIO with this sampler, then try and make a more appealing cover art.

My second point is "Is this really necessary?"

I mean, I think Wooton is a pretty good character. More so pre-hiatus, but that's not the point. But I feel like what they're trying to do with current fans is get them to buy this by luring them in with Wooton. I understand that AIO is making less money than they used to (maybe actually making two albums that are both publicly available would help with THAT one) but I don't think this is necessary whatsoever. Is a short, most likely less than 3 minute long introduction to an episode you have probably already heard on the radio worth buying this?

Yeah, this is a sampler. Which means its primary objective is to get non-AIO listeners to try it out for only $5 or so, instead of buying a full album for around $20. I think it's a good idea. But if I were a new listener, I would much rather want to buy one that was A. Cheaper (They have samplers for $2 or so, and if you hadn't listen to AIO in the past, why would you pay more for more episodes of something you've never heard of? There's not even a guarantee you would like it.), B. More interesting (I rarely ever like the history episodes myself, to be honest. I can see why parents might pick it up, because yay learning! But I don't know why others would. Granted, most people who buy AIO are parents for their kids.) and C. More appealing (see the stuff about the covers).

I just wish that AIO would work more on Album 58 than this, which I and probably about 60% or more regular listeners will not be buying.

Over and out,